Abintra Massage and Skincare in Los Gatos, CA

Abintra Massage

What you can expect from Abintra Massage

  • Experience and training: - Therapist has over twenty years of
    full-time massage experience, over 800 hours of training, is state certified through CAMTC, is board certified though NCBTMB, and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is licensed in esthetics and electrology, an additional 600 hours each and keeps current, taking workshops every year beyond the number required.
  • Comfort - Be completely relaxed on a heated (if needed), padded massage table with flannel sheets, heat packs for your back, a warm neck pillow, warm towels to wipe off excess oil, soft music, a soothing décor, and aromatherapy.
  • Quality Products - I use and sell the best products available.
  • Established, reliable business - Abintra is owner-operated and has been providing dependable service in Los Gatos since 1998.
  • No Waiting - Enough time is planned between appointments so you won't
    be sitting in a room full of strangers.
  • Gift certificates - Gift certificates have no expiration date and can be used by you if your recipient does not use it.
  • Draping - Draping is mandatory to establish professional boundaries and to allow you to fully retreat into your body, lusciously surrendering to your innate need for a safe place to regenerate and heal.
  • Discounts on Packages - get a discount on a package of ten massages
    for gifts or for yourself.
  • 'No Disrobing' option - An oil-free, fully clothed massage is available.
    It can be done on a massage table (minimum 60 minutes) or a massage chair (30 minutes.)

When comparing my prices to others, consider these things:
* Do they have 50-minute or 60-minute hours?
* Is the establishment comfortable and clean?
* Are there extra charges for aromatherapy or analgesic spray?
* How experienced and effective are the therapists?


Quick Fix
30-minute chair massage $45

Abintra Aromatherapy Massage
This massage is expertly customized to your body's needs to alleviate stress and soreness.  Many scents to choose from (pure essential oils) in jojoba oil.
60 minutes $100
75 minutes $125
90 minutes $150
120 minutes $200

Sports Massage
Deep-tissue and detoxifying Swedish massage are used for injury prevention and healing for overworked muscles.
75 minutes $125
90 minutes $150
120 minutes $200

Lomi Lomi Massage
Massage from Hawaii using long, rhythmic forearm strokes and a spiritual focus on breathing and healing energy.
60 minutes $100
75minutes $125
90 minutes $150

Craniosacral Therapy
A ten-step protocol from Upledger Level 1 and Level 2 will be integrated according to your needs. This modality uses very gentle pressure.
60 minutes $100

Lymph Drainage Therapy
A treatment will be integrated from Dr. Vodder Basic Body and Therapy 1 and Chikly Level 1 according to your needs. This modality uses very gentle pressure working at skin level to stimulate the movement of lymph.
60 minutes $100

Esalen Deep Tissue Massage
This is a form of deep tissue massage using very slow deep strokes with the forearm. It was developed by a student of Ida Rolf. He combined principals he learned from Ms. Rolf, massage, and oil. His student, Perry Holloway developed it further and teaches with his wife, Johanna, at Esalen Institute. Please allow at least 90 minutes for a session.
90 minutes $150
120 minutes $200

Esalen Massage
I have taken several Esalen massage classes, but won't be certified in Esalen Massage until I have time to take the 100-hour certification course, probably the end of 2017. I just like to go to Eselen! It uses long, rhythmic strokes, stretching, and joint mobilization.
60 minutes $100

Energy healing can be used for people for whom regular massage is contraindicated.  Hands can touch you or be slightly above you.  No oil is used, so you may remain clothed.
60 minutes $100

Back and Feet Detox Massage
Warm mud with mineral salts will be gently rubbed onto your back and feet to exfoliate and purify your skin.  Infrared heat will keep you warm during your scalp massage.  After mud has been removed, receive a 60-minute massage using warm jojoba oil with detoxifying essential oils.
90 minutes $150

Full Body Detox Massage
Start with an ion foot spa bath while your scalp, arms, and neck are massaged with warm jojoba oil with detoxifying essential oils.  Turn over and have warm mud with mineral salts gently rubbed into your back.  An infrared lamp will warm you while your legs and feet are massaged.  When mud is removed your back will be massaged.
120 minutes $200

Jetlag Reviver
The ultimate self-care treatment for weary travelers.  Includes a 20-minute oxygen effusion treatment (inhaled) and a three-hour massage/facial combo targeting points affected by the stress of high-altitude flying and time zone changes. 
3 hours $300

Ion Detox Foot Spa
Toxins are pulled from your whole body through the pores in your feet through an ionization array.  You will sit in a chair with your feet in warm water.  The colors in the water reveal what kinds of toxins are in your body.  Although the ions do react with the water somewhat, the extent of the toxins is greatly multiplied with feet in the water.

Facial and Massage Enhancements
Paraffin Hand Dip  $20
  Warms and softens hands.  Especially nice in colder weather.

Oxygen Effusion Treatment (inhaled) $20/20 minutes
  Hospital-grade oxygen machine combines pure oxygen with botanicals. Choose from lavender, tea tree/lemon, Roman chamomile, Bulgarian rose otto, or peppermint.