Abintra Massage and Skincare in Los Gatos, CA

Abintra Electrolysis

California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
Electrologist License Number L7675


30-minute session - $50
60-minute session - $100
15-minute add-on to any facial - $25

Q: How does electrolysis work?

A: I do electrolysis-thermolysis blend because I believe it to be more effective than thermolysis alone and faster than electrolysis alone. This method of hair removal works on any color hair, including blonde and gray. I use disposable probes, which are inserted into the hair follicle. A combination of heat and sodium hydroxide created by the current reacting with salt and water in the skin, cause scarring in the base of the follicle that cuts off the blood supply to the hair so it does not grow back. Scarring cannot be seen at the surface of the skin.

Q: Is electrolysis painful?

A: Yes. You will experience it as heat. If you can go to sleep during the session then chances are there is not enough damage being done to the base of the follicle to make the treatment permanent. You may want to apply a topical anesthetic 20 minutes prior to the treatment if you have a low pain threshold. I sell it. A woman's pain threshold is lowest just before menses. Avoid caffeine and drink water before the treatment to raise your pain threshold. Try not to rush to the appointment. Being relaxed will raise your threshold.

Q: Do I need to do anything special before the electrolysis treatment?

A: Plan ahead and make sure the hairs to be treated are at least a quarter of an inch long. Moisturize the area to be treated twice a day. Don't get a sunburn. Stay hydrated and calm. Avoid caffeine. If you are having your underarms done, don't use antiperspirant.

Q: Do I need to do anything special afterward?

A: Stay out of the sun and don't go to a tanning booth for a few days. Keep the treated area clean. Don't touch the treated area. If your face is being treated don't wear foundation for twenty-four hours after the treatment. The redness may last for a few seconds to thirty minutes after treatment, depending on how sensitive your skin is. You should not get scabs, but if scabs form due to overtreating, it's very important not to pick or rub them. Tell your electrologist if scabs form. Adjustments sometimes need to be made after the first session.

Q: How long should I expect to have electrolysis treatments
and how often?

A: It depends on the area being treated. The growth cycle of a hair on the chin is five to six months. The shortest growth cycle of a hair is about two months for eyebrows. Body hair is about four to six months depending on coarseness. If for example you have about twenty hairs on your chin, that is only a small fraction of the total hairs growing because most are dormant or still below the surface of the skin. For the chin you would need to get treatments once or twice a week for six months and then once a month or every other month for six months to allow for bad insertions, if necessary. Not everyone has textbook hair follicles, especially if they have waxed, so insertions are not always perfect. Sessions will be much shorter toward the end than when we started.

Q: Are there any contraindications?

A: Contraindications for electrolysis are AIDS, Accutane one year before treatment, diabetes, electronic or metallic implant, heart disease, hepatitis, numbness in area to be treated, pace maker, pregnancy, and Retin A.

Q: Is it possible for hair to grow back after several years?

A: We often grow more hair as we get older. Growth peaks at some point and then wanes in older age. Someone may have light hair growth at age twenty, more at thirty, the most at forty, spreading to places it didn't grow before, and then it might start decreasing at age seventy. When, where, and how much hair we grow depends on our DNA and hormones. Pregnancy can cause temporary coarse facial hair to grow that often will not come back when the growth cycle is complete once hormones normalize.

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